Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chamber's Jim Klocke talks community college reform on WBUR

Mass. Businesses, Groups Focus On Reforming Community Colleges


BOSTON — Even with 240,000 people in Massachusetts looking for jobs, employers say they simply cannot find the highly trained workers they need to fill 120,000 job openings. A new, statewide coalition of businesses and non-profit groups wants to tackle the problem by getting behind Gov. Deval Patrick’s new plan to strengthen community colleges by centralizing their management.

The group is called the Coalition for Community Colleges. Jim Klocke is one of the members of the new coalition. He’s the executive vice president of public policy for the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and he joined Morning Edition Tuesday to discuss the group’s mission.

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  1. I think that it sounds promising to look to the community colleges to help fill those jobs. The state of Colorado just performed a state wide study looking at the economic benefits on the state due to community colleges. They found the CC's helped contribute nearly $3.01 billion in a year and produced as much economic lift as creating 56,000+ jobs. I think that Gov. Deval Patrick could also help show how Mass. community colleges are having the same impact. This could secure more interest in the future plans to strengthen the community college system.