Friday, December 2, 2011

Chamber survey shows nearly half of companies expect job growth

Twice a year, the Chamber administers a survey to ascertain its members’ opinions on Chamber programs, services, and public policy work. The survey also includes corporate outlook questions designed to track the anticipated growth of member companies. The most recent survey completed this fall yielded the following forward-looking results regarding job growth:

Job Outlook: Nearly half of companies expect job growth
49% of respondents expected moderate or substantial job growth for their own companies over the next six months, while a nearly equal number (48%) expected no change in jobs, and only 3% expected moderate or substantial job loss. This is in sharp contrast to 2009 survey results in which the percentage of respondents expecting job loss outweighed those expecting job gains by a margin of 36% to 20%.

The Chamber is very encouraged by the steadily improving outlook that many member companies have for their companies’ anticipated job growth. This improvement has tracked closely with the overall regional economic recovery and we hope will bode well for sustaining this recovery in the months to come. On behalf of its members, the Chamber continues to work for policies and legislation designed to improve Massachusetts’ economic competitiveness and spur hiring, investment, and expansion across industries.

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