Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Chamber is working for health care payment reform legislation to accelerate cost progress

In recent months, the health care market in Massachusetts has continued to evolve with the development of new tiered network products and new contracts between providers and payers, both of which are slowing the growth of health care costs. Accelerating that progress will be the focus of payment reform legislation taken up in 2012 at the State House.

The House and the Senate are currently working on their own payment reform bills; the Governor filed a bill earlier this year. The Chamber is continuing to work with leaders in the business, health care and government sectors for a bill that shifts health care payments away from the costly fee-for-service model towards bundled or global payments. Such payments enhance the coordination of health care services across multiple providers, and create incentives to deliver care more efficiently. Payment reform legislation should also include measures such as mandate reform that can make health care more affordable for small businesses and individuals buying coverage in Massachusetts.

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