Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chamber testifies at hearing on child care unionization legislation

Yesterday, the Chamber’s Erin Trabucco testified before the Joint Committee on Public Service in opposition to H.1671, An Act to Improve Quality in Early Education Care Centers. H.1671 creates a statewide bargaining unit for center-based child care employees and directors. All child care centers that have at least one contract for subsidized care or receive a public subsidy are subject to the provisions of this bill. This legislation would make the Department of Early Education and Care the management party, removing actual employers from the collective bargaining process. For the purpose of bargaining with the Department of Early Education and Care, private employees would become state employees. The passage of H.1671 would set a bad precedent by subjecting private employers to overreaching governmental controls.

This bill would create unnecessary interference in center based child care settings and initiate bad public policy. Additionally, H.1671 creates a disincentive for centers to provide subsidized care as this legislation only applies to centers with at least one subsidized child. Mandating bargaining on matters such as retirement benefits and health benefits would drive up costs and reduce the amount of available slots at child care centers.

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  1. If this bill must go forward,there is certainly a need for compromise. Perhaps exemptions of the YMCA and Boys and Girl Clubs should be of the first to be considered.

    Lou Covino
    Louis W.Covino Associates