Monday, September 19, 2011

Chamber supports job creation benefits of new casino legislation

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce today reiterated its support for legislation passed yesterday by the Massachusetts House of Representatives to expand casino gaming in Massachusetts, saying the bill brings the promise of creating jobs at a variety of wage and skill levels.

“The Chamber believes the gaming bill adopted by the House will drive regional job growth, investment, and spinoff economic activity across Massachusetts, while helping to close state and local budget gaps,” said Paul Guzzi, President and CEO of the Chamber. “We are hopeful the bill will continue its progress through the Legislature and be signed by the Governor in the near future.”

The Chamber’s support for expanded gaming in Massachusetts has been informed by extensive research, highlighted by its March 2008 independent study Casino Gaming in Massachusetts: An Economic, Fiscal & Social Analysis. Based on these findings and related research, the Chamber has used the following criteria to evaluate proposals to expand gaming in the Commonwealth:
  • Job creation – promoting immediate job preservation and longer-term job creation;
  • Revenue maximization – generating substantial short- and long-term licensing fees and gaming tax revenue to the state;
  • Tourism impact – capitalizing on the state’s existing visitor base while providing economic stimulus and revitalization to regions across the state; and
  • Social impact – mitigating and helping to address the unintended social consequences often associated with expanded gaming.
“The Chamber has concluded that the current gaming bill adheres to these principles,” added Guzzi. “As an economic development organization, we are motivated by the law’s prospect of creating a variety of new jobs. We are also pleased the legislation establishes guidelines for a competitive bidding process for each casino operation as well as provisions for addressing the social consequences often associated with expanded gaming.”

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