Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chamber Supports Compromise Casino Legislation

The Chamber supports a compromise bill moving quickly through the Legislature which would expand legalized gaming in Massachusetts. The bill authorizes the construction and operation of three geographically-dispersed destination casinos and one slot parlor, and establishes guidelines for a competitive bidding process for each operation.

The Chamber’s involvement in the gaming issue has been informed by extensive research, highlighted by its March 2008 independent study Casino Gaming in Massachusetts: An Economic, Fiscal & Social Analysis. Based on these findings and other research, the Chamber compiled a set of principles to guide its gaming advocacy: promoting immediate job preservation and longer-term job creation; generating substantial short- and long-term licensing fees and gaming tax revenue to the state; capitalizing on the state’s existing visitor base while providing economic stimulus to regions across the state, and mitigating the unintended social consequences often associated with expanded gaming. The Chamber believes that the compromise gaming proposal adheres to these principles while helping to close state and local budget gaps.

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