Monday, April 25, 2011

Latest Women's Leadership Program Workshop at Simmons College

BOSTON, MA - Members of the 2010/2011 Women's Leadership Program gathered at the Simmons School of Management. Click here to download pictures from the workshop.

Last week, members of the Chamber’s Women’s Leadership Program gathered at the Simmons School of Management for a workshop entitled “Negotiating Conditions for Leadership Success”  with Professor Patricia Deyton. This two hour workshop covered the importance of strong negotiating skills in all aspects of your life – both personal and professional. Professor Deyton also emphasized that negotiation is about more than just fighting for the salary you deserve, but also about creating the conditions and support systems which you need to be successful.

Professor Deyton led the group through two negotiating role play activities – a hypothetical case study and a role play of a real life, upcoming negotiation that participants will soon be facing. These role play activities gave program participants the opportunity to try practice their newly learned negotiating techniques!

And, because this is the Women’s Leadership Program, and because Simmons School of Management is a leading provider of management education for women, the group ended the morning with a discussion of how gender plays a role in negotiations.

Even though the group was only able to scratch the surface of negotiations in this short workshop, participants seemed to leave both excited and ready to tackle the big and the small negotiations that they will face. 

The Chamber will soon be accepting nominations for the 2011-12 class of the Women's Leadership Program in May - please check the blog for details.

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