Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vote NO on Question 2

Housing Law Repeal Would Impact Economy & Quality of Life

This November’s statewide election will feature a ballot question on repealing Chapter 40B, the state's primary affordable housing production law. The Chamber is working with the Campaign to Protect the Affordable Housing Law to defeat this ballot question due to its potential impact on the state’s economic vitality and quality of life.

Despite the real estate market correction of recent years, Massachusetts continues to experience an affordability gap. Viable housing options will continue to elude many of our residents, including recent graduates and young families, unless state-level planning and production policies are maintained.

Massachusetts' economic growth will be promoted by a supply of housing that is affordable to workers of all income ranges and is accessible to their jobs. Chapter 40B remains one of the most valuable tools this state has to encourage more communities to expand affordable, workforce housing.

Since its enactment, Chapter 40B has been responsible for the development of tens of thousands of housing units and remains an essential ingredient for promoting the development of workforce housing sufficient to sustain and grow our economy. Currently, there are more than 20,000 homes in the pipeline which will spur much-needed development and construction jobs.

While the Chamber has supported efforts to improve and streamline Chapter 40B in recent years, it has strongly opposed efforts to repeal or otherwise undermine the fundamental intent of the law.

The Chamber will continue its efforts to preserve Chapter 40B and other housing production tools which help to strengthen our economic competitiveness, enhance our ability to attract and retain talented workers, and improve the quality of life of those who live and work here.

For more information on the impact of the affordable housing law, click here.

Remember to vote on November 2! For more information on where to vote, click here.

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