Monday, August 16, 2010

A sputtering economy & a frustrated JetBlue flight attendant on "This Week in Business"

Yesterday on 'This Week in Business,' the Boston Business Editors Roundtable with Shirley Leung, business editor of the Boston Globe; Frank Quaratiello, business editor of the Boston Herald; and George Donnelly, editor of the Boston Business Journal, joined hosts Paul Guzzi and Mike Nikitas for their monthly segment. The editors analyze the sputtering economy and discuss the possibility of a double dip. They also talk about FMAP funding that Massachusetts is going to receive and the recent sales tax holiday weekend.

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In the Briefing Room, the editors are back to discuss the headlines that the JetBlue flight attendant made last week and whether or not his frustration captivates a larger worker dissatisfaction. They also discuss stories that their own papers are focusing on, and predict what stories will make headlines in the week ahead.

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On the Business Beat, NECN business reporter Peter Howe talks about a decision on maternity leave made by the state's Supreme Judicial Court, the business that Shaq is bringing to Boston, and the Commonwealth's second application for Race to the Top funds.

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