Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chamber statement on Race to the Top funds: We can do better

In discussion about Massachusetts competing for Federal Race to the Top Funds, it has been estimated that the Commonwealth could receive as much as $100 million or more from the federal government.  The Chamber believes that we can, and should, do better. 

While $100 million is a large number, it is only 2.3% of total Race to the Top Funds—a percentage only slightly greater than Massachusetts’ percentage of the total U.S. population (2.1%).  Aiming for an average share of Race to the Top funds is aiming too low—especially since many states are not expected to receive any Race to the Top funds.  State officials expect that 10 to 15 states will receive such funds.

The Chamber recommends that Massachusetts set a goal of $400 million in Race to the Top funds.  These funds will provide a powerful boost to the state’s efforts to strengthen schools, expand innovation, and provide every student with a high-quality education.  We will work with leaders in the government, education, non-profit and business sectors to achieve those goals.

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