Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chamber Statement on the Passing of Senator Kennedy

“Massachusetts has lost a great senator. We have all lost a great friend.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy has been a fundamental force in shaping virtually every public policy debate crucial to the future of our region. His determination in fostering economic growth and entrepreneurial enterprise was steadfast. His commitment to social justice and equality of opportunity was unparalleled. And his success in securing the resources that drive research and innovation was remarkable.

His enduring legacy includes access to quality health care, education reform, equal pay for women, a modern transportation system, job training, and securing billions of crucial federal research dollars for Massachusetts research hospitals and universities.

In addition to all of the issues that Senator Kennedy championed, he also possessed that increasingly rare skill of bringing different political interests together to achieve landmark legislation that changed the region – and the nation – for the better.

Since I first came to know him in the 1960s, Senator Kennedy displayed extraordinary resilience to overcome tragedies, to represent the Commonwealth, and to carry on the tradition of public service that his family epitomized. He was the voice for the hopes and aspirations of millions who would have had no voice but for his.

We honor his life and legacy – and we will greatly miss him.”

-Paul Guzzi, President and CEO of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

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