Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chamber statement on transportation reform conference committee report

The transportation legislation agreed upon by House and Senate leaders is a major step forward towards addressing our transportation challenges. The Chamber supports the significant reforms included in the conference committee report, including: structural reorganization for a more logical, and less cumbersome, state bureaucracy that eliminates duplication of agencies; pension and health care reform; and progress on the issue of tort reform.

Now that significant reform has been enacted, the state can and should move forward on the issue of transportation financing. The dedication of sales tax dollars in the House and Senate budget bills will solve some of our most immediate transportation financing needs. It is important that those needs be addressed right away.

Restructuring the state’s transportation system and identifying and devoting new revenue is critical as Massachusetts looks to address the $20 billion financing gap revealed by the Transportation Finance Commission.

The Chamber will continue to work to achieve a well-funded and efficient transportation system that is crucial to ensure economic growth throughout the Commonwealth.

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