Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Massachusetts records first monthly job gain since May 2008

Today, the Chamber released the Massachusetts May 2009 Massachusetts Jobs Update, showing the first monthly job gain since May 2008. You can access the Jobs Update by clicking on the link below:

May 2009 Massachusetts Jobs Update

The Greater Boston Chamber works to improve the region’s economy and drive job growth, focusing on four goals— strengthening the workforce; making the business climate more competitive; enhancing critical industries; and fixing infrastructure. The Chamber's agenda includes the following priority issues:
  • Transportation: Closing the transportation financing gap by supporting the enactment and implementation of recent structural reform and funding measures.
  • State Fiscal Policy: Strengthening long-term state budget planning by supporting, and working to further expand, the transfer of substantial capital gains revenue growth to the Rainy Day Fund.
  • Health Care Costs: Working to advance cost-containment measures that improve health care system efficiency while preserving access to care.
Headlines from the May 2009 Massachusetts Jobs Update include:
  • Massachusetts added 4,900 jobs last month; first monthly job gain since May 2008
  • Massachusetts remains 195,000 jobs below previous peak; lowest employment since February 2008
  • State leisure & hospitality jobs ranked 31st among states last 12 months
You can find all of the 2008-2009 monthly Massachusetts Jobs Update documents archived on the Chamber’s website, bostonchamber.com.

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