Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life Science Marketing Regulation: Chamber opposed to Senate bill that would reverse legislative and regulatory process

The Chamber recently testified in opposition to Senate Bill 547, which would significantly tighten the provisions of the life sciences marketing code of conduct regulation promulgated by the Dept. of Public Health and adopted by the Public Health Council in March. Its provisions could substantially impede or deter collaborative research and testing from being conducted in Massachusetts, while potentially harming the overall competitiveness of the life sciences cluster and driving new jobs and investment to other states.

Adoption of SB 547 would essentially nullify the legislative process that produced the bill and the regulatory process that implemented it. Concerns remain about the impacts and unintended consequences of this “first in the nation” code of conduct. Revisions or clarifications to the regulation are likely still needed to ensure a robust climate for research, development, and training. Yet the Chamber believes the process was open, deliberative, and inclusive – attempting to reflect the perspectives of consumer advocates, patient communities, and industry and health care leaders alike.

View the Chamber's complete policy agenda here.

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