Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Massachusetts Loses 20,300 Jobs in March 2009

Today, the Chamber released the Massachusetts March 2009 Jobs Update. You can access the Jobs Update by clicking on the link below:

The Greater Boston Chamber works to improve the region’s economy and drive job growth, focusing on four goals— strengthening the workforce; making the business climate more competitive; enhancing critical industries; and fixing infrastructure. The Chamber’s agenda includes the following priority issues:

• Workforce Development: Increasing the supply of college-educated workers, and expanding charter schools.

• Transportation: Reforming the way Massachusetts delivers transportation services, and securing new revenues to fill the system’s financial holes.

• Corporate Tax Policy: Ensuring that last year’s corporate tax legislation is implemented in a clear and predictable manner, consistent with legislative intent.

The Chamber is working with business and government leaders to advance these issues, which will have a significant impact on job growth and economic growth in the years ahead.

Headlines from the March 2009 Update Include:

• Massachusetts lost 20,300 jobs last month; posted 3.2% job loss last 12 months, slightly better than US job loss rate of 3.5%

• Massachusetts falls to 189,300 jobs below previous peak; lowest employment since June 2004

• All 12 regions shed jobs last 12 months

• State trade, transportation & utilities jobs ranked 32nd among states last 12 months

You can find previous monthly Massachusetts Jobs Update documents archived on the Chamber's website,

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the Chamber's Massachusetts Jobs Update, please don't hesitate to contact Tim Sweeney, Director of Public Policy, at (617) 557-7357 or

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